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All about cooperation with our former partner Valery Uvarov ("Wands of Horus") and slander cranked out by him against our company you can find on a special website -

News! In an attempt to hide this information three judicial proceedings for the protection of honor and dignity have been lost by Uvarov in the court. Read more about his lies and relationships with former colleagues, theft and plagiarism here - valery uvarov.

10 facts about Valery Uvarov, who should know:

1. Before Valery Uvarov appeared, the wands were produced by three other manufacturers, studies of which he ascribes to himself. In one of those companies, he worked as a distributor until 2000.
2. His books are a compilation of other editions of Russian and international authors. To understand this it is enough to read the sources of references (forcedly indicated in his books by law).
3. Sometimes he appears as "Dr. Uvarov", but he has not graduated from any university finishing just primary school.
4. At the Western conferences, he often says that "he invested millions of dollars in one or another pyramid". But in reality, all the constructions are paid by project customers and belong to them.
5. Uvarov's reputation among intellectual people of Russia is stunningly negative. And the videos by TV-channel interviewing all crazy persons of our country (providing mostly yellow news about "the end of the world") including Valery is not a repute indicator. That TV source has the same reputation in Russia as him.
6. Uvarov attempts to hide the truthful information from our websites by all possible means, but in Russia - nobody believes him, even the court doesn't do this.
7. The prices for his products are artificially multiplied. His pricing policy provide selling the same goods for Russian customers at one price while the foreign buyers have to pay several times higher.
8. Information that Valery Uvarov feeds the Western public at international conferences does not belong to him. If you check the sources to which he refers while talking about "his research" and try to call or email to those organizations - it turns out that people from that institutions have never heard his name.
9. Uvarov’s dirt and lies about his competitors and former partners is a side effect of his mental disorders.

valery uvarov

10. The Wands by Uvarov are on sale illegally

мицуфиFrightening people with different tales about his competitors, Valery Uvarov is doing his own business on the sly. The Limited Liability Company "IICUFI" (ООО "МИЦУФИ" in Russian) was deregistered 1 September 2014 for violations of the law. You can see this copying ООО МИЦУФИ in Russian to Google. Here you can discover and verify the cause of his revoked registration - and the name of the company director Valery Uvarov - Валерий Уваров in Russian). The same data was signed on Valery Uvarov's website and on his wands set box. Therefore, due to the absence of a legal entity for everything Mr.Uvarov writes and sells, bringing an action in the court against him is impossible – this cant be done by people about whom he spreads slander, neither by his customers. Otherwise, he would simply say that there are no wands he produces and no such company. Of course, he doesn't pay any taxes either.