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What are the Wands of Ra?

egyptian healing rodsIn ancient times the Egyptian priests and pharaohs used healing wands to harmonize human life energy. This is not a coincidence that the wands are the most frequent attribute of statues of ancient egyptian gods and pharaohs. This fact clearly indicates that this instruments were the subject of the highest importance.
Modern medicine has recognized that most of diseases start due to the energy disbalance in the body (Yin Yang). The cause are stresses, infections, electromagnetic radiation, solar activity and other harmful factors. Recreated in accordance with the canon of ancient Egyptian priests «Wands of Ra» embody the mechanisms of interaction between nature and human. That's why they give you health, active longevity and are indispensable on the path of self-development.
The Wands of Ra undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in the large pyramid.
This gives the Wands of Ra special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism

The main objectives of the Wands

The main objectives
of the Wands

Yin Yang
Restoring and maintaining the Yin Yang balance
Development of internal abilities and deep meditation progress
Prevention & correction
Prevention and correction of various disorders in the body
Slow aging
Slowing the aging process in human cells
The «Wands of Ra» action combines several methods,
most of which are already known to modern medicine
Influence on the body by weak currents that arise due to the appearance of potential difference of up to 1.5 volts between the copper and zinc cylinders
The use of weak magnetic fields. The «Wands of Ra» magnetism level is natural and does not exceed the norm for human body, that is almost ignored in several medical technologies
/Crystal healing
Crystal healing
Imposing of quartz crystals on the projection of the patient's organs or specific energy centers (chakras)
Mechanical influence on the body through the singular points and centers

Regular use of the Wands of Ra

Using Wands of Ra for self-development

 Restores the biorhythms of organs and systems, recovers total energy balance of the body;
 Stimulates 6th and 7th energy centers (chakras), which leads to the rising of aura's density;
 Harmonizes your psycho-emotional state, balances the nervous system, which is essential for entering a deep meditative state and for further development of energy potential;
 Activates the energy channels, their conductivity, increases sensitivity, consequently improving user’s internal abilities several times;
 Stabilizes the energy potential obtained during meditations and practical exercises;
 Adjusts the vibration rhythms of your first three energy bodies for reaching the synchronization of human energy structure with the energy structure of the Earth;
 Creates multilevel conditions for entering the energy flows of the Space, restoring the general bio-energetic rhythm of the individual, which is a key condition for enlightenment
The Wands of Ra types
All the wands have different properties and indications for use due to various excipients. In accordance with the surviving ancient texts 8 main types of the «Wands of Ra» were developed, which are divided into two classes: «MAAT» with quartz crystals fillings and «BJA» containing varied ferromagnetics

Wands of Ra MAAT types

Wands of Ra MaatActive excipients of «MAAT» types of the wands are represented by clear quartz crystals of certain shape – 6 faceted, 9 faceted and 12 faceted rods. This ancient technology formula, which came to early Egypt from Atlantis, synchronizes the human energy system with energy flows of the Earth and the Universe at high frequencies.

The amount of crystal faces (the energy nature of sacred geometry) determines the special purpose of each type of wands «MAAT», as well as intensity of the influence on the human body. This kind of Wands of Ra should be used by people with a prepared and developed energy structure, normal cardiovascular and nervous systems.

All the excipients for «MAAT» wands are supplied from the special places of power: Brazil, Nepal and Madagascar.

Wands of Ra BJA types

Wands of Ra BjaThe word «BJA» is often found in the «Pyramid Texts» - this way the ancient Egyptians called the iron. «BJA», the «metal of heaven», was a sacred mineral in Egypt due to the fact that it came not only from the ground (native telluric iron), but fell from the sky (meteoric iron).

Specialists of «MAAT Foundation» developed three main types of Wands of Ra BJA with ferromagnetics: «Healer» filled with magnetite, «Priest» with native iron and «Pharaoh» with filling of meteoric iron.

The Wands with magnetite and native iron fillings allow to synchronize the human energy system with Earth at low frequencies. The Wands filled with meteoric iron at a certain level synchronize the human energy system with Cosmos.

All the excipients for «BJA» wands are supplied from the special places of power: regions of Siberia, Kola Peninsula and the Taimyr Peninsula.

Exposure in the pyramid
All varieties of the Wands of Ra undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in the large pyramid. This gives the Wands of Ra special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism. This pyramid is working the third 4-years cycle (since 2008) and is most powerful one on the planet.
On the video you can find the experiments on the topic of short-term influence of the pyramid on the human body. The participants of the reportage are visitors, geophysicists and bioelectrography specialists.
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Wands of RA QuartzThe main purpose of the Wands of Ra «QUARTZ» containing large-grained quartz is the antistress effect. This is a good device intended for people with an intensive lifestyle accompanied by stresses and large workloads.

Wands of RA BJA Maat-6The Wands of Ra «Maat» contain monocrystalline quartz crystals of natural faceting for beginners as well as practicing healers.

Wands of RA BJA Maat-6The quartz crystal hexagon rods give the «Wands of Ra» special properties for interacting with particular energy flows of the Earth.

Wands of RA BJA Maat-99 faceted quartz crystal rods of the «Wands of Ra» synchronize the human energy system with the energy flows of the nine-level system of the Universe.

Wands of RA BJA Maat-12The «Wands of Ra» Maat-12 with a twelve-faceted crystals are designed to synchronize the human energy system with 12 cosmic energy levels.

Wands of RA BJA healerThe wands filled with magnetite & anthracite are most effective in correction of various disorders. The native magnetite is mined in special area of Russia - the Kola Peninsula.

Wands of RA BJA priestThe wands with the native iron inside allow to the healers and psychics improve their sensitivity and abilities several times. The place of iron's origin is Taimyr.

Wands of RA BJA pharaohThe wands filled with meteoric iron have the ability to connect human being with the universe energy system and its informational field.

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