BJA «Priest»

The Wands of Ra
with native telluric iron filling


wands of ra


Bja priest midThe main purpose of the Wands of Ra BJA «Priest» with native iron is synchronizing the human energy system with the energy flows of the Earth’s and developing the user’s clairvoyance and clairaudience. This occurs due the pronounced resonance between the earth's core and the structure of native iron.

The native telluric iron took a special place in ancient Egypt. It was considered a sacred metal. According to ancient texts the interaction with this kind of metal was the privilege of priests and it was used for the production of special magical tools.

That’s why this type of Wands of Ra is strongly recommended for all who are engaged in healing, bioenergetics, development of internal abilities, astral travel, etc. First of all for the safety of their own health after interaction with other people's energies and the energies of different orders.

Long-term studies of this tool showed that applying of BJA «Priest» wands by healers and psychics allows them to get sick less and improve their sensitivity and abilities several times.


The BJA «Priest» wands restore the interaction of the human immune system with the "Source of life" (the maternal energy system of the Earth) which leads to:

about project wands of ra- increasing the body's resistance to the negative effects of solar and magnetic storms;
- improving the organism’s antiviral activity;
+ the properties of BJA «Healer» type:
- effectively retarding of auto-immune processes;
- a profound stimulation of immune system and preventing of benign and malignant tumours;
- activation of processes of cell regeneration and renewal and rejuvenating the organism in general;
- stimulation of the salts breakdown and their natural excretion from the body;
- positive influence on blood vessels and the cardio-vascular system;
- rapid after stress recovery;
- cardiac rhythm recovery;
- blood sugar reduction; 
- preventing sclerosis;
- improving sleep;

The BJA «Priest» wands can be also recommended for those suffering from:

- thyroid disorders, hypo- and hyperthyroidism (it is recommended for use in conjunction with amber necklace - see in our Store);
- hyperthonia (high blood-pressure), pains in the area of the eyes, nosebleeds, ringing in the ears;
- serious forms of arthritis, arthrosis and polyarthritis;
- impotence (connected with poor circulation);
- heart pain in cases of stenocardia;
- bladder stones;
- insomnia;


Use the all types of the Wands of Ra according basic instructions you can find in the user's guide (see "The map of daily activity of meridians", "Contra-indications", etc.). Also we recommend to consult with our specialists to determine the most successful approach, depending on the present condition of your body and the possible diseases in the past. 


Active excipients: native telluric iron & anthracite (coal).

Places of origin: the native iron is mined in special area of Russia - the Taimyr Peninsula. 

All native ferromagnetics have a natural magnetism level suitable for human energy system. This approach is fully consistent with ancient Egyptian concept of «Maat», prescribing the use of materials exclusively of natural origin.

All varieties of the Wands of Ra undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in a large pyramid of Novikov-Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg. This gives the Wands of Ra special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism.

Native magnetite