BJA «Healer»

The Wands of Ra
with magnetite and coal filling


wands of ra


wands of ra healerThe main purpose of the Wands of Ra BJA «Healer» with magnetite and anthracite (coal) filling is synchronizing the user’s energy system with the energy flow of the Earth’s core. Synchronization of the energy shell and energy channels is accomplished at low frequency. 

Being a powerful tool this type of wands is indispensable for preparing the human body for interaction with energies of higher order (including the preliminary traning before applying more intensive types of wands). This wands are good for healers, clairvoyants and all those who are on the path of self-development, as they harmonize all human systems and lead to the original Yin-Yang balance. 



wands of horus kontThe BJA «Healer» wands provide special influence on human energy channels which leads to:

- effectively retarding of auto-immune processes;
- a profound stimulation of immune system and preventing of benign and malignant tumours;
- activation of processes of cell regeneration and renewal and rejuvenating the organism in general;
- stimulation of the salts breakdown and their natural excretion from the body;
- positive influence on blood vessels and the cardio-vascular system;
- rapid after stress recovery;
- cardiac rhythm recovery;
- blood sugar reduction; 
- preventing sclerosis;
- improving sleep;

The BJA «Healer» wands can be also recommended for those suffering from:

- thyroid disorders, hypo- and hyperthyroidism (it is recommended for use in conjunction with amber necklace - see in our Store);
- hyperthonia (high blood-pressure), pains in the area of the eyes, nosebleeds, ringing in the ears;
- arrhythmia;
- serious forms of arthritis, arthrosis and polyarthritis;
- impotence (connected with poor circulation);
- heart pain in cases of stenocardia;
- inflammation of internal organs;
- vegetative-vascular disorders;
- bladder stones;
- insomnia;


egyptian rods1. The BJA «Healer» wands type is recommended for those suffering from auto-immune and oncological disorders. Especially for this reason it is strongly prohibited to use this wands teamwise with another person. Magnetite is the iron oxide, it has pronounced magnetic properties and it's pyramidal crystal lattice has a memory effect as a quartz crystal. Therefore every wands are intended to self-tune on the human individual.

2. Use the all types of the Wands of Ra according basic instructions you can find in the user's guide (see "The map of daily activity of meridians", "Contra-indications", etc.). Also we recommend to consult with our specialists to determine the most successful approach, depending on the present condition of your body and the possible diseases in the past. 


Active excipients: magnetite & anthracite (coal)

Places of origin: the native magnetite is mined in special area of Kola peninsula (Russia) – the part of ancient Hyperborea. The anthracite deposit is the coalfield of Yakutia (Russia).

All native ferromagnetics have a natural magnetism level suitable for human energy system. This approach is fully consistent with ancient Egyptian concept of «Maat», prescribing the use of materials exclusively of natural origin.

All varieties of the Wands of Ra undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in a large pyramid of Novikov-Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg. This gives the Wands of Ra special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism.

Native magnetite
Native magnetite
Magnetite pyramidal crystal lattice
Kola peninsula