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maat foundation logoMaat Foundation started producing the wands under the «Wands of Ra» trademark in 2014.

Our main objective was to create an affordable instrument, created according to the ancient canon, not inferior in quality and rather equal or even superior to other wands/rods manufacturers (today there are 4 companies producing them in Russia), while offering a fair pricing policy.

Knowing the subject well and having attained a 5-years experience in production of the wands by our own hands in another company («Wands of Horus» by Valery Uvarov), we decided to start this project and accomplished the goal with our own company MAAT Foundation.

Half a year later, having won the trust of many of our customers and many former clients of the «Wands of Horus» company, we were faced with an unprecedented campaign of lies controlled and initiated by our ex-partner Valery Uvarov. As it usually happens with all his former partners, he started to distribute flam, fiction, tales and slander on the internet.

More about his lies and relationships with former colleagues you can read here.


About Valery Uvarov

and cooperation with him in the past

The campaign against us is the most shameless black PR in the history of any wands production in Russia.

valery uvarovLunatic inventions of Valery Uvarov are used in his tactics: tales about «his employees that hide their names in social networks, blackmailing them, removing some never-existing (or made by other people) social pages and groups», spreading slander, character assassination, etc.

Also as usually he uses his classic lies about «the harm that the wands of other manufacturers can bring to people». The same trick he used to spread on the web after working as a distributor in «Egyptian rods» company (since 1997 till 2000) and then opened his own production under «Wands of Horus» trademark. But in that case he stole the studies of "hazardous" rods and assigned them to itself still remains a mystery...

And now all the lie tactics against «Wands of Ra» and our Foundation are performed by Valery Uvarov for a special number of tasks:

  1. to distribute as much as possible dirt on our names and especially on the name of Michael Eliseev (the Head of Maat Foundation) and even his wife Natalia;
  2. to plant fear in people who are interested in our production;
  3. to not allow people to think with their own minds and believe only Valery Uvarov;
  4. to continue his "monopoly" of wands production, inflating the prices of the «Wands of Horus» 3-4 times over.

Unfortunately, his reaction is understandable and we feel very sorry for him. Valery Uvarov can not claim that his former partner Michael Eliseev does not know what was going on in his company… But he perfectly remembers that he robbed Michael and his family. That’s why he trashes everything he can about the past and his involvement with Michael into aggressive refusals to acknowledge that he ever worked with Michael Eliseev (as he denies the fact of his work as a distributor in the «Egyptian rods» company in the past).  

wands of horus uvarov eliseev

But when Michael Eliseev worked as a top-manager in Valery Uvarov's company, he followed all the technology consequences of the production of wands. While his senior partner capitalized upon, Michael had to control the quality of the wands, that sometimes were made with different height, polished with poisonous paste of heavy metals, and often the ordered and payed wands were simply not available. That made customers waiting for payed goods for many months. Being confronted with all this Michael could no longer reconcile this with his conscience and that's why he had to leave this job. 

And that’s why the «Wands of Ra» can not bring harm to people and are made better in part of quality than the «Wands of Horus»...

And that’s why Valery Uvarov is in panic and now using black PR methods to discredit his competitors!


Exposing and processing the Wands of Ra in the pyramid

novikov kiselev pyramid 01Our Wands are exposed in the big pyramid of Novikov-Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg. This pyramid was made according to the project of Oleg Novikov (another ex-partner of Valery Uvarov) and financed by Boris Kiselev. Since 2009 Mr.Uvarov doesn´t have access to that complex because of his regular lies. Nevertheless, he still assigns the authorship to himself and takes advantage of stolen photos to use it in PR for his marketing. 

Anyway you can visit this pyramid and feel it by yourself. And you can get to know all the people that were involved in this project and talk with them. Also you can order one)

Just book at - 

See the video about the effect, that this pyramid is bringing to people.


The difference in price politics

Meanwhile, if you compare the prices in rubles on the russian version of Uvarov's shop - Wands shop/ru with the price in dollars on the english version of his website - Wands shop/en using the currency calculator Rubles-USD you will see that Valery Uvarov is selling the wands abroad two-three times more expensive than for russian customers. 

Prices for russia Prices for other countries
quartz crystal mono mono 6 quartz crystal en mono mono 6 en
mono 9 bja bja mono 9 bja en bja en

Are the "low-cost" «Wands of Horus» for Russia made from poor and cheap materials and the «Wands of Horus» for the rest world are made according the canon? Of course not. This is just another lie from Valery Uvarov to make people believe that his wands are best.

The pricing policy of «Wands of Ra» by Maat Foundation is honest. The cost of manufacturing of the «Wands of Ra» is the same as the «Wands of Horus», but we add not more than 50% for our work (for some types like «Quartz» and «Maat» we add just 20-30%) and give equal price to all our customers.

The Wands of Horus are on sale illegally

Frightening people with different tales, Valery Uvarov is doing his own business illegally. The Limited Liability Company "IICUFI" (ООО "МИЦУФИ" in russian) was deregistered 1 september 2014 for violations of the law.

You can see this copying ООО МИЦУФИ in russian to Google. Here you can discover and verify the cause of his revoked registration - and the name of the company director Valery Uvarov - Валерий Уваров in russian).

мицуфиThe same data is signed on Valery Uvarov's website and on his wands set box. 

Therefore bringing an action in the court against Uvarov is impossible – this cant be done by people about whom he spreads slander, neither by his customers. Otherwise, he would simply say that there are no wands he produce and no such company. Of course he doesn’t pay any taxes either. 



All the comparison of our products with fakes is inappropriate. First of all, because we have our own trademark and studies of ancient technologies

Let’s compare the ancient technology for example with a car - a good complexed car. And take a look on two different manufacturers. Both cars have 4 wheels, a little different design and an engine. Both cars can bring good for people, but also can be harmful for them. But it doesn’t mean that one of the constructors is better or worse and one of them must have a monopoly on car construction!

The same thing is true with the pyramids and the wands. Can one have the monopoly on pyramid shape or golden ratio? No. On using the crystals technology? No. Does one have the right to discredit other researchers and manufacturers? Neither. Especially when the real producers, copyright holders and developers are the Egyptians!

Our task and chosen mission is just to follow the canon and make "this car" perfectly safe, of the best quality and as affordable as possible for all people. I firmly believe that «Maat Foundation» today corresponds to this intention. It is obvious that this fact is unpleasant to those who are full of envy and greed.

mikhail elissev 01
Michael Eliseev
Maat Foundation Headmaster



P.S. Since the foundation to the present day we had no complaints from our customers. All the parcels are delivered in time and the payments are protected by PayPal system.